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Mille Miglia

The route in 3D


Two months before the 2018 race, 1000 Miglia offers the public the chance to discover and virtually explore the route. The itinerary from Brescia to Rome and back is presented in an animated 3D map and with visual previews of the main locations travelled through.

The 3D route is available by clicking here

3D Route

By clicking on the icons, there is a 360-degree visualization of views and streets.
The START button activates the 3D animation of a virtual vintage car that starts from Brescia, displaying information on the 4 days of the race programme and the images of the landscapes travelled through.

Vista percorso

An original feature has been added to the 3D images: inside the virtual images of the cities of the 4 legs of the route - Brescia, Cervia-Milano Marittima, Rome and Parma - vintage cars have been inserted that simulate the passage of 1000 Miglia.

3D Car