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Mille Miglia

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The "Gazzetta dello Sport" and "’A.C. Brescia"

There they were, the three of them, who on December 2, 1926, in Milan, convened under their friend Giovanni's window, with whom they had already shared many evenings debating car racing. It is the same Canestrini, who in his 1930 article (from which the previous quotes were taken), writes about the encounter. With respect to his famous description depicted in his 1967 book, the facts remain, while the tone of the discourse and writing prose differ. As the years pass, things tone down, especially the contrasting political obligations that condition his account on both occasions.

«It seems like yesterday that the meeting was held in my office, during which Mazzotti, Maggi, Castagneto and I gave birth to this idea that from the very first edition was meant to soar high above celebrity status, conquering the crowd's soul. It was a very brief meeting. We were all on the same page, with the same belief and enthusiasm. I was certain of correctly interpreting the intentions of the Gazzetta dello Sport, as well as the sentiments of Emilio Colombo and Cesare Fanti (respectively, General Director and news director of the "rosea", Ed.), with whom plans had been made at various times to give Brescia back a race that would be worthy of its past».

Canestrini basically, on this occasion, helps the reader understand that the discussions had been ongoing for some time, between the new Automobile Club of Brescia (A.C.B.) and the Gazzetta dello Sport (organizer of cycling's already famous Giro d'Italia), who obviously was not intended to maintain cordial relations with the Automobile Club of Milan.