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Mille Miglia

The first Mille Miglia: the organisation

Nonetheless, in Brescia they were hardly discouraged; the recent victories in the various competitions by Aymo Maggi and O.M. automobiles, the local manufacturer, kept spirits high.

The hope was that at least thirty participants would line up at the start, in what would come to be an unforgettable experience: the first and only "Mille Miglia Cup".

At this point in history, our heroes involved other important people in the organization that, although remembered little today, carried out an important role for the conception of the Mille Miglia. They are: Armando Cougnet, Alfredo Giarratana and Augusto Turati.

"The Gazzetta", with the aid of its director, Emilio Colombo, not only offered to collaborate, but also helped in the organization, together Cougnet, "the daddy of cycling's Giro d'Italia". It was decided that Castagneto and Cougnet should check out the racecourse, which was divided into 20 sections, assigned to the same number of trustees selected from correspondents of the Gazzetta dello Sport. Under the direction of Cougnet, just as at the Giro d'Italia, they were entrusted the task of setting up checkpoints and transit through the various towns.

On January 18, 1927, the Automobile Club of Brescia inaugurated its new headquarters, where the first entries started coming in. The first one was Zampieri's with Amilcar CG SS.

Franco Mazzotti assumed the role of Race Commissioner, Renzo Castagneto was nominated Racecourse Director and Secretariat (roles that he upheld until 1957), while Maggi, Giarratana and Oreste Bertoli were the Sports Commisioners. Canestrini and the engineer, Ottavio Fuscaldo, O.M.'s automobile designer, were taken on as Technical Commissioners.