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Mille Miglia

The reaction of the press

The news published in the Gazzetta dello Sport, appearing as the official organizer along with the Automobile Club of Brescia, did not go unnoticed, causing an uproar in the motor world.

«There were many - writes Canestrini in 1930 - even among those who were expected to support him warmly, who viewed this race as a preposterous idea; but the sporting world, the aficionados, were immediately smitten by the bold and fascinating race. However, for a moment, it seemed that even the "Mille Miglia" would fail, given the hostility felt on other scenes».

If in national media the news itself had been ignored, the reactions felt throughout were many and commentary quite biting. Some wrote that the organizers were visionaries and that no automobile would ever reach the finish line. Or that few would sign up to race and that times would be average, making it seem like a car cemetery. With this climate, and after the passionate period of planning, it had to be put into practice. In an era in which information systems were non-existent and even telephones were still few and far between, the need for an organizational structure the length of 1600 km was in place.