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Mille Miglia

The world context

During the said Italian "biennio rosso", the two-year red period, a violent trade union dispute between workers and steel factory owners (of which Franco Mazzotti's father -a major shareholder, no less, from Isotta Fraschini -was one of the principle spokespersons) transforms into a dramatic display of force to which the workers responded by occupying the factories.

Tensions were not a privilege in our country: while in that which was the empire of the Zars of all of Russia, and the revolution of 1917 having just concluded, "Stalin purges" were rampant, leaving the entire world in turmoil.

In 1920, Adolf Hitler's national socialist party in Germany was born, while the Indian Independence movement was being lead by Mahatma Gandhi, according to the principles of nonviolence. In 1921, after years of fratricide, Ireland secedes, with the exception of Ulster, to form the Irish Free State, thanks to concessions granted by the government of England.

The following year, in Italy, the Fascist black shirts march on Rome, the Council of the Ministry steps down and King Victor Emanuel III bestows Benito Mussolini with the role of forming the country's new government. The entire world seemed taken aback.

The US was basing its foreign politics on "isolationism", and with the introduction of "prohibition" the production and consummation of alcohol, among other things, was forbidden. Meanwhile, four-fifths of the world's automobile production was being carried out in the US.