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Mille Miglia


A series of "very fascist" laws overturn the Statute, destroying the free state, and institute the fascist regime: the Parlament has been stripped of its powers and the head of state, Benito Mussolini, gains almost complete power. Political parties and trade unions are suppressed; an order is passed to closed the few opposition journals that had nearly escaped being closed down the previous year during the violence and attacks.

The Italians, even those who have no desire to do so, are wearing the distinctive National Fascist Party armbands (NFP, from here on). With the typical irreverence of their unyielding souls, the Brescians rename it the "sömega", or "bedbug".

Great Britain is the scene of a very violent worker's class protest, while in Japan Hiroito rises to the throne.

Automobilists are excited for the newly approved Brescia-Bergamo highway and the "Gardesana Occidentale"state road, which has been opened all the way to Riva del Garda.