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Mille Miglia

1000Miglia News News 2013 A more sober and responsible Mille Miglia

A more sober and responsible Mille Miglia

During the night of the arrival of the 2012 Mille Miglia, a very strong hearthquake hit a vast area between Brescia and Bologna. Then and there, it was decided that the 2013 would have paid tribute to the area and the people so hardly hit.
In the following months, the lives and jobs of many Italians were hit by a quake of similar intensity.
Starting from these thougths, we decided to plan an event that, while celebrating a tradition of sport, passion and joy, would pay particular attention to safety and solidarity.

In the years of the classic Mille Miglias, Italy was wrangling itself out of an even more difficult situation, using all its best energies, and this will to succeed is therefore part of the Mille Miglia tradition.

This is why this year our testimonial will be Jessica Rossi who, being Emilian, knows the effects of the hearthquake well, and who has conquered a splendid gold medal during the Olympic Games in London, with the colours of the "Golden Flames", the official sport team of the Italian Police forces.

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