Also during 1000 Miglia 2021 a strict protocol will be activated for the protection of the safety and health of those who will take part, for any reason, in the event has been developed.

Access to the controlled access spaces (Protected Areas) such as the Paddock, the Village and the Departure and Arrival area, have been numerically reduced to about 1/3 of the usual accommodation and while guaranteeing sufficient capacity for the regular performance of the various activities, entry will only be permitted following strict controls and checks provided for by the Sports Federation’s provisions and in compliance with the limits of capacity imposed.

Collecting the Pass will be preceded by a pre-accreditation system, which is necessary to allow the tracking of every person who will pass through the controlled areas and which will be carried out in special spaces.


People counting portals will be positioned at the entrance of each area of the event for real-time counting of incoming and outgoing flows: in no protected area will the number of accesses allowed at the same time be exceeded; security operators, hostesses and stewards will have the task of verifying body temperature remotely, checking the correct use of the Personal Protective Equipment, observance of interpersonal distance and hand sanitizing.

Specific Covid Managers and a Team 1000 Miglia have been identified who, in the event of body temperature exceeding 37.5°, will provide assistance and activate current health and safety procedures. In case of body temperature exceeding 37.5°, access to the Protected Area will not be allowed and the person will be hosted in a reserved area.


Procedures for temperature checking, observance of interpersonal distance, the correct use of Personal Protective Equipment and hand sanitizing will be activated at the Start and Arrival Time Control points of each leg in the rooms and facilities reserved for the lunches and dinners on the race days (22nd, 23rd, 24th and 25th October). (16th, 17th, 18th and 19th June).

Crews made up of people not living together must also wear the mask on board the race car.

Should body temperature exceed 37.5°, during the entire course of the event the Covid Managers and Team 1000 Miglia will carry out an assistance service and activate the procedures in force regarding safety and health by hosting the person in a reserved area.

In the event of the body temperature of only one crew member exceeding 37.5° during the race, the safety and health procedures in force will be automatically applied to both members of the crew.