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Hyper 1000 Miglia Green

The European Union, especially regarding the reduction of CO2 emissions, is putting in place increasingly stringent regulations to define guidelines for the development of the community, in which two paradigms of great importance emerge: sustainability and digital, which are already the basis of several projects involving Italian companies and universities.

The automotive supply chain is particularly active in this sense and for some time now has implemented a strong industrial and cultural reconversion to meet the needs of a mobility increasingly oriented towards the goal of zero emissions. In fact, the change poses challenges that can be translated into opportunities to be seized promptly, especially if the different segments of the Italian e-mobility supply chain will be able to exchange among themselves the skills spread throughout the Italian peninsula.

HYbrid Propulsion for Electric Realignment

These characteristics emerge with particular strength in “Hyper – HYbrid Propulsion for Electric Realignment”, a project funded by the Lombardy Region that aims to develop innovative electrified automotive components at industrial level to improve the energy efficiency of the sector.

The leader of Hyper is Metelli, a company based in Cologne (BS) that has been working in the automotive industry for about 60 years, and which has mde meticulousness and customer care the secrets of its success, together with a growing attention to sustainability. With a view of sharing know-how, the project boasts other important partners such as: E-Novia (the Milanese “factory of enteprises”) that will develop the software and control algorithims; l’Università degli Studi dell’Aquila (the University of L’Aquila – already active in several European projects for the mobility of the future) that will study aspects related to fluid dynamics; Sisme (a company in the province of Como with over 50 years of experience) engaged in the creation of innovative electric motors; 1000 Miglia, a reality that since its inception has been pushing the automotive supply chain towards technological progress, paying particular attention to the Brescia territory, which will be responsible for the spread of hybrid and electric culture.

The Metelli Group, on the other hand, which has already identified Hyper’s objectives, will coordinate and make its expertise available to the project, mainly in terms of fluid dynamics and industrialization.

The idea behind Hyper

The idea behind Hyper is to facilitate the transition to the new electric mobility. To do so, it was thought to electrify the auxiliary components of the vehicle, i.e. the components that do not act directly on the propulsion, in order to reduce the amount of emissions. The components electrified in this way will not only be compatible with hybrid cars, which will become more sustainable, but also with full electric cars.

The project, started in 2019, takes into consideration various transport scenarios (heavy, high performance, etc.): from here the work team proceeds with the development of different technological possibilities, ranging from cooling control of different devices, to innovative hydraulic models and new structures, focusing especially on the realization of rare earth-free engines. The first results will be ready as early as 2021, while the experimentation operations should be completed the following year.