From Parma to Brescia: start of the last stage of the race

Under clear skies the competitors resumed the road for the last stage which started in the suggestive setting of the Parco Ducale di Parma.

The convoy will reach the Varano de’ Melegari circuit, for a battery of special stages and then continue towards Salsomaggiore Terme and from there to Castell’Arquato, Codogno and Lodi. After lunch in the race in Treviglio, we pass through Bergamo and then arrive in Viale Venezia in Brescia.

Andrea and Roberto Vesco are still in the lead with their 1929 Alfa Romeo 6C 1750 SS Zagato No. 46 followed by Sergio Sisti and Anna Gualandi, on the 1929 Lancia Lambda Spider Casaro No. 45, while in third position are Gianmario Fontanella and Anna Maria Covelli on board the 1927 Lancia Lambda Casaro VII Series No. 28.

Starting from 3.30 pm live streaming for the arrival and the award ceremony: