Coppa delle Alpi 2024

In parallel with the race itinerary, 1000 Miglia launches the The Grand Alpine Journey project,

The fourth edition of the Coppa delle Alpi was presented today. This year’s event will go beyond the winter regularity race for historic cars to become a Grand Tour of 5 legs crossing the entire Alpine arc from East to West, through Italy, Slovenia, Austria, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Germany and France. In parallel with the race itinerary, 1000 Miglia has decided to launch the The Grand Alpine Journey project, a path of reflection representing the socio-economic, anthropological and environmental transformations of the Alpine macro-region.

As protagonists of the sports competition, and active participants in the project, competitors will be limited to 30 cars, added to which will be 10 crews composed of leading figures on the five macro-themes addressed during the different days: agriculture, crafts, culture, energy and tourism. With the support of the AAster Consortium, which conducted the preparatory study for the project, during the lunches and dinners on each day of the race, in-depth meetings will be organised with local institutions and representatives of the best practices of the area of passage. Alongside the 1000 Miglia in this project will be the Università della Montagna, the Altagamma Foundation and the Aosta Valley Region. The outline of the reflection will consist of a concise paper, a canvas for the concluding forum on 4 May.