All ready for the third edition of the Sorrento Roads by 1000 Miglia

For the third year running, the Red Arrow returns to Sorrento with the Roads by 1000 Miglia format, designed to bring a bit of the 1000 Miglia outside the classic route of the Most Beautiful Race in the World. Thus the Sorrento Roads comes to life, a journey to discover the Sorrento Peninsula and the Amalfi Coast, which this year will be enriched with the new passages through Salerno and Paestum; and a visit to Capri.

The participants arrived in Sorrento in the early afternoon today and have been doing the technical and administrative checks since 5 p.m.

I am really excited,” says Joan De Jong next to his 1927 Bugatti 35 B, the oldest car in the race, “driving a pre-war car is exciting, even more so in this beautiful sunshine and among these people. The real joy, however, will be at the finish line, driving so many kilometres with a car like this is a challenge that requires commitment and dedication.”

Also confident is Alfonso Facchini, who with Luigia Olivetti won the two past editions of Sorrento Roads in their B.M.W. 328 from 1938: “we have won it twice before, now we are aiming for a third victory and as always we will try our best”.

During tomorrow’s race day, the drivers and co-drivers will cover more than 200 kilometres from the spectacular inlets of the Amalfi Coast to the hidden treasures of Cilento and back. Awaiting them are 2 Time Controls, 2 Passage Controls and 20 Time Trials divided into 4 blocks.

The morning of Saturday 6 April will be dedicated to the display of the cars between the steps of the Sorrento Foundation and Piazza Antonio Veniero, where they will be evaluated by a popular jury. In the meantime, the participants will set sail for Capri for lunch and a moment of relaxation in one of the most sought-after tourist destinations in the world, before returning to the cockpits of their cars in the afternoon for the 1 vs 1 challenge of the Città di Sorrento Trophy.