1000 Miglia Green 2019

27th – 29th September 2019

The inaugural edition of the 1000 Miglia Green, the first regularity race in pure 1000 Miglia style reserved for alternative fuel-cars, took place from 27th to 29th September 2019, along a route of about 250 kilometers from Brescia to Lainate, passing through Milan.

The crew from Moncalieri (Turin) made up of GianMaria Aghem and Rossella Conti, won the first edition of the 1000 Miglia Green, driving a Tesla Model 3 Performance, with the race number 25. Behind the favourites, the Renault ZOE arrived second, driven by the crew De Angelis-Del Gaudio from Orte, Viterbo. The third position was obtained by the Mercedes Benz EQC, driven by the Paduan journalist Savina Confaloni together with the Roman co-driver Francesco Meneghini.

Parallel to the race, the cities of Brescia and Milan hosted the two 1000 Miglia Green villages, with the display of brand new proposals from the world motoring scene. In Piazza Paolo VI in Brescia, the concept of the Alfa Romeo Tonale, the compact SUV of the Arese company and the Blizz Primatist prototype, an electric prototype of over 300 km / h, the fruit of the Italian genius of the Outline of Trofarello (TO), were present . In Milan in Gae Aulenti, among others, the Volkswagen ID3 and the Polestar 1 were exhibited for the first time in Italy.

The event, conceived to highlight the original vocation of the 1000 Miglia to promote innovation and progress concerning mobility, was opened by the Green Talk Crossing the future: automotive, infrastructure and smart mobility: a meeting with the major exponents of the automotive industry in the territory, the Institutions, the car manufacturers, the Energy providers compared to the topic of infrastructure growth and the paradigm changes of the Industry 4.0 that is being redefined to serve the smart cities of the future.

The 1000 Miglia Green was a 360 degree sustainable event: in fact, not only the cars in the race but also those of the organization and accredited media were electric or hybrid. Furthermore, all the competition materials has been produced with low environmental impact materials.

For more information please visit www.1000migliagreen.it