1000 Miglia Green 2019

27th – 29th September 2019

The 1000 Miglia Green is the first endurance race specifically targeting electric and hybrid vehicles, intended to highlight the original vocation of the 1000 Miglia: to promote innovation and progress in the ambit of mobility, within a context of cultural and territorial values. Now with the 1000 Miglia Green, the focus is on the topics of mobility and sustainability, with a particular emphasis on the Italian supply chains of the automotive and energy industries.

At the centre of this project stands Brescia, the heavy industrial city which has successfully transformed, developed and invested in the automotive supply chain. The support of experts in this field, based on the smart city development model, will drive the various activities of the event: in fact, at the opening Green Talk, representatives of the Institutions, Universities, Automotive Industry, Energy Providers and Partners will take the floor.

Milan, the business and financial capital of Italy, will play a protagonist role in the form of an immersive experience in the future of alternative mobility, not only by exhibiting prototypes but also enabling people to test drive the cars which are bringing about this change.

With regard to the variety of technological solutions in the production and development phases of sustainable mobility, the race is open to the following categories of vehicles:
1) Fuel-cell electric
2) Electric (EV / BEV)
3) Electric with range extender (EREV)
4) Plug-in hybrid (PHEV)
5) Full / mild hybrid
6) Vintage Cars electric and electrified built until 1990 and replica electric built from 1991, but whose aesthetic features recall the cars produced until 1990

For more information please visit www.1000migliagreen.it