The 478 Rent team took the victory at the 1000 Miglia Green 2023, a regularity race for Full Electric cars that took place from 13 to 17 June. Five days along the fascinating streets of Italy, starting from Brescia and stopping by Cervia, Rome, Parma and Milan and then back to Brescia.

The crew, composed of radio speaker Paolo Piva (as a pilot) and co-pilot Matteo Ferraglio, founder of the long-term rental company 478 Rent, dominated the competition aboard the Tesla Model Y.

From the very first leg, the 478 Rent team showed unstoppable determination, immediately taking the lead of the ranking. Their commitment and driving skills impressed both spectators and opponents while they conquered one leg after another, constantly maintaining the top position in the ranking.

During the more than 2000 kilometers traveled aboard the Tesla Model Y, the team also found time to record the 478 Podcast, involving special guests such as Giancarlo Fisichella, Alessio Frassinetti, Jimmy Ghione and Francesca Manzini, who shared their passion for motoring and the importance of sustainable mobility. The success of the 478 Rent team would not have been possible without the excellent Sate Police escort service, which ensured safety throughout the journey.

The impeccable organization of the race helped to accentuate the challenge, making the experience even more exciting for all the participants and motoring enthusiasts. Matteo Ferraglio, founder of 478 Rent, expressed his gratitude to all the team and supporters who made this extraordinary victory possible: “We are extremely proud to have achieved this exceptional result at the 1000 Miglia Green. Tesla Model Y has shown us once again that sustainability and performance can go hand in hand. We hope that our success will inspire others to experience the potential of electric cars”.

The victory of the 478 Rent team at the 1000 Miglia Green perfectly represents the reliability and competence that distinguish the company. The 1000 Miglia Green demonstrates that electric cars can compete in prestigious races like this, laying the foundations for an increasingly clean cleaner and sustainable future in the automotive industry.