1000 Miglia S.R.L. is created

1000 Miglia s.r.l. is created and organizes “the most beautiful race in the world

The Brescia Automobile Club was founded in 1927 to organize the first Mille Miglia Cup, which it continued to organize until 1957 and then, for three editions with a mixed formula, until the year 1961.

In embarking on its endeavor into the world of sports, the Brescia Automobile Club has realized a variety of prestigious competitions until the present day, including the well-known Rally 1000 Miglia. In line with its vocation, the Brescia Automobile Club has decided to once again take on the challenging responsibility of the Mille Miglia race and manage it itself. With this objective in mind, 1000 Miglia srl was established on 4 June 2012, and owned by the Brescia Automobile Club.

The Articles of incorporation were drawn up by Notary Public, Antonella Rebuffoni, at the headquarters in Via Enzo Ferrari 4-6, and signed by Aldo Bonomi, President of the Brescia Automobile Club along with the new company directors.

1000 Miglia Srl officially started operating on Monday, July 2nd, when the former contract to manage the “Red Arrow Race” had expired. Previously (from July 2007 – June 2012), this race was under the management of a temporary business association (ATI).

As initial members of the 1000 Miglia Board of Directors, The Brescia Automobile Club nominated accountant Roberto Gaburri as Chairman, Valerio Marinelli as Vice President, and Eleonora Vairano as Director of the Brescia Automobile Club.

The new company will carry out all responsibilities in-house and is under the management and supervision of the Brescia Automobile Club.

The tasks of the company, as required by law, will be to promote and organise national and international car racing and sporting events, including the Mille Miglia as well as other events involving vintage and sports cars.

The new company will utilize the array of logos and trademarks that the Brescia Automobile Club has it their disposal. Their objective is to utilize these logos (including the prestigious “Red Arrow”) for products and services in various commercial sectors, both in Italy and all around the world.

In addition, 1000 Miglia Srl will be involved in organizing informative courses on road safety and roadside education as well as car rallies, competitions, exhibitions and sporting events.

The first step of the new company was to appoint a Chief Executive Officer who will join the Board of Directors of the company.

A selection was made – amongst an extremely selective group of managers with years of international experience – and Stefano Sacco was chosen. In his fifties and originally from the northern part of Italy known as Novara, he will lead the company with the formula of “house providing” by the Brescia Automobile Club.

The President of ACI Brescia, Aldo Bonomi explained: “The individual we wanted was a manager at 360 degrees, with extensive experience both in the fields of national and international marketing and sales and organizing companies.

In the choice of qualified managers, Stefano Sacco seemed to be the most suitable. We intentionally looked beyond the automotive industry. What we needed most was a manager who was able to lead Mille Miglia as an international company, and give undivided attention to the financial statements.”

President Roberto Gaburri of 1000 Miglia S.r.l. clarified: “Stefano Sacco is the person we were looking for, not only for his professional experience but for the fact that he is extremely knowledgeable in the field of international licenses, one of the most important aspects of the Red Arrow Brand.”