Officina Mille Miglia

Motor for ideas

From its early days and until 1957, the Mille Miglia was much more than just a road race – it was a testbed for the major motor manufacturers of their day. An incubator for brilliant ideas.

The craving for victory set imagination on fire in the minds of the best automobile engineers, translating into more efficient and performing powertrains. The chassis were also subject to continuous improvement. New lightweight materials contributed to better aerodynamics and higher speeds leading to ultimate victory. Some of today’s technology, which we take for granted, was originally put on the road during the Mille Miglia. Windscreen wipers and fuel injection are but two examples.

Today 1000 Miglia S.r.l., aiming to promote Italian innovation with style, launches a project called Officina Mille Miglia aiming to foster innovation and generate new impulses in the Italian automotive engineering context.

In 2014 Officina Mille Miglia (OMM) will stage a contest for 18-35-year olds from Italy and beyond. OMM will provide financial support for one or more innovative ideas in an automotive context with a view to bringing it to market.