Rosso Mille Miglia

Rosso Mille Miglia – the movie

«This is my first time in Brescia and I was amazed by its beauty. I wish I will be able to complete this great race that deserves a movie. Anyone wishing to film the movie can get in touch with me, I am ready».

When lined up at the start line of the last Mille Miglia, the Academy Award winner Jeremy Irons didn’t know that the idea of a film about the “most beautiful race in the world” was a project already taking shape.

The film project was started by 1000 Miglia S.r.l. willing to support and promote the brand and the race while protecting the historical value and promoting them to a larger public. It is the debut film of director Claudio Uberti and produced by Lucere Film with the support of the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia Production, as Executive Producer.

The support of partners getting behind the production such as the Cities of BresciaPadova and Portogruaro, the Credito Lombardo Veneto bank, and Vittoria Hotel in Brescia was essential to make the project real. So as financial support by major sponsors such as Metelli, a car mechanical component manufacturer, Gruppo Vinicolo Santa MargheritaThe Classic Car TrustMercedes Benz and Chopard.

The plot is based on 2014 Mille Miglia and encompasses eighty-five years of the race, from early 1930s to the present day, mixing life, memories, mystery and excitement of its characters who are brought together by the love for cars and separated by long-time secrets. They are fascinated by the presence and the story of a fabulous OM 665 Superba – a car built in Brescia, who won the first edition in 1927 – taken to pieces and forgotten for so many years.

Leading actors are Martina Stella and Fabio Troiano. Along with them, Remo GironeFrancesca RettondiniVictoria ZinnyMaurizio FranconeRosario Petix and Lyudmyla Bikmullina, as well as vintage cars, drivers and thousands of fans involved in the shooting during the 2014 Mille Miglia.

Roberto Pagliuca, Head of Marketing 1000 Miglia S.r.l., embodies the spirit that animated the working group getting ready for the first action: «What initially seemed to be a crazy idea, has gradually grew into concreteness, to become the big project that we’re going to make true. For this result that, I am sure, will bring so much good to Mille Miglia, to Brescia and all of us, I have to thank the generous contribution of many who made them available, the concrete support of the few who have placed their trust in us from the beginning, and even the rejection of those who, denying their help or observing us with skeptical doubts, has reinvigorated our tenacious determination to take on this new challenge and to move forward. The shooting of the film, in addition to the extraordinary images filmed during the 2014 Mille Miglia, will begin on August 18th and end September 20th: four weeks set in Brescia and the fifth received from Portogruaro and Padova; the first “teaser” is scheduled on September 5th during the Film Festival in Venice, when some frames will be screened in the presence of sponsors, author and cast. At the end of post-production work, the film will be presented to the public in May 2015, at the same time with the next edition of the race, and will arrive in theaters in the fall, first in Italy and then throughout the world. The theatrical release will be International: many contacts with major companies in the field have already started, to become involved and ensure wider visibility and distribution, capillary, in Italy and in other countries around the world. After the ” Rosso Ferrari ” and ” Rosso Valentino “, I like to think that there will be another touch of scarlet to make us proud to be Italian in the world: “Rosso Mille Miglia”.

The box office challenge is on, Jeremy Irons – now a friend of Mille Miglia – be warned.