The end of the first phase

Great success of participation and a new partner for Officina Mille Miglia

Great success of participation and a new partner for the financing of a project in the automotive business.

The first phase of Officina Mille Miglia, the public notice of competition for young talents by 1000 Miglia S.r.l., has ended.

The company that organizes Mille Miglia has decided to invest in a project which interests the automotive sector, allocating € 50.000 for the best idea. The investment aims to encourage the starting and the development of a new company based in Italy, and the support of its start-up.

The contenders had to send the first draft of the business plan by 15 July 2014. Despite the strictly technical field, the feedback has been extremely positive: twenty-six projects have been received in via Enzo Ferrari in Brescia.

The selection will require the best work form the influential Board of Examiners, who has the task of identifying the top five projects that will enter the second phase, in which the finalists must submit a more detailed business plan. The winning project will be chosen among them and will be awarded with the support of the company.

The short list of the five best projects will be announced this autumn, to coincide with the launch of the 2015 Mille Miglia.

The winner will be the idea – on a project, product or service – which will be valued the most innovative, brilliant, cutting edge and with the greatest potential for a genuine business development.

«The great amount of projects recieved at the end of the first phase of the competition makes us proud, as well as the announcement of the addition to our side of Superpartes Innovation Campus, an interesting business reality with whom we have in common the desire to value innovative ideas to help boost youth entrepreneurship in Italy.

Although a topic often exploited in the political world nowadays, 1000 Miglia S.r.l. wants to emphasize with this collaboration that the difference lies in the doing and acting concretely, doing so through a practical incentive.

Superpartes Innovation Campus will help us to support the recipient of the investment, providing the necessary know-how to the growth of a new business in the delicate beginning phase. I am convinced that the first and greatest benefit from this partnership will be the winner of the OMM contest: with the help of both our companies, the team of professionals who will work in support of its business plan will be enriched, increasing the chances of success in the market ».

With these words Roberto Pagliuca, Head of Marketing of 1000 Miglia S.r.l., welcomed the entry of Superpartes in the project team for Officina Mille Miglia: the innovative company, which will serve as an incubator, will join 1000 Miglia S.r.l. in the starting up of the winning idea, to transform the best potential company into a proper and complete one.

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