Roberto Gaburri passed away

The company remember the first President

1000 MigliaS.r.l. remembers Roberto Gaburri

Roberto Gaburri passed away after a brief illness.

For years he worked as a businessman in Gardone Val Trompia, even if he was born in Pozzolengo, in 1941.

He always loved sport, hunting and soccer, and he had been involved for years in Lumezzane Calcio together with his friend, Aldo Bonomi.

However, vintage cars and above all the Mille Miglia, were the big passion of his life and in this he was always supported by his wife, Luigia, his daughters, Elisabetta, Maria and Benedetta, and by his three nephews.

He participated in more than twenty editions of the Red Arrow with very prestigious cars, such as Abarth, Ermini and O.M.. He also obtained a second place in 1994 and he also participated in a lot of other regularity races.

Roberto Gaburri was a founder of the renewed Brescia Corse stable, reborn in 1993 and he was still a member of the board.

The President of1000 MigliaAldo Bonomi, together with the Managing Director Andrea Dalledonne, the members of the board of Directors, Emilio Bordoli and Franco Gussalli Beretta, the President of the Operational Committee and the staff of Mille Miglia are deeply moved by the passing away of such a person.

They would like to remember Roberto Gaburri for his human gifts and for his knowledge of regularity races that he put to good use when organizing the Mille Miglia, since the formation of the company. In fact, he was among those mainly responsible for the success of the company.

Roberto Gaburri did everything for the Red Arrow thanks to his big passion for the “most beautiful race in the world” and he always stated his personal regret at the impossibility for members of the board of1000 MigliaS.r.l. to take part in this beautiful race.

In the next few weeks, the company will set up a prize in memory of Roberto Gaburri that will accompany the next Mille Miglia.