1000 Miglia at the Geneva International Motor Show with “Crossing the Future”

Always the spokesperson and promoter of technological innovations and infrastructures since the first edition of 1927, the 1000 Miglia has gone through periods of cultural revolution that have characterized the almost centennial history of the Red Arrow race.

The opportunity to illustrate this path and to share it with the Geneva International Motor Show (March, 5th – 15th), which this year celebrates its ninetieth edition, was a great stimulus for 1000 Miglia to represent an interactive journey to discover the history of innovation in the automotive sector from the beginning of last century to today.

Through the 5 key segments, from 1905 until the most recent technological developments, of the Crossing the Future experiential timeline, visitors will be engaged in an interactive journey that will present how the cultural and artistic evolution in our society has shaped the technological progress of cars.