Villa Trasqua is Official Red&White Wine of 1000 Miglia 2021

Since 2017 Villa Trasqua is official partner of 1000 Miglia. A commitment that intimately reflects the company’s values: the enhancement of tradition; the protection of the territory; attention to rational viticulture, designed to follow the times and rhythms of nature and enhance the scenic beauty and expressiveness of the wines.

Every year, Villa Trasqua, to celebrate the 1000 Miglia, selects a majestic single vineyard vinified from pure Sangiovese grapes, coming from the oldest vineyard of the estate that has been known for the quality of its grapes since the mid-nineteenth century. Complex, wonderful and exuberant, it contains the secret of the terroir of Villa Trasqua, the iconic wine, the very essence of the Sangiovese produced in Chianti Classico area. The 1000 Miglia Chianti Classico Gran Selezione Docg, is a limited edition crafted by hand with silver and sealed with shellac.