478 Rent electrical challenge earns the second place of 1000 Miglia Green 2022

478 Rent crew, formed by Giancarlo Fisichella and Matteo Ferraglio as co-pilot, on board a Tesla Model 3 number 701, took the second place in the 1000 Miglia Green.

Being part of the fourth edition of the race is a commitment for the company to be an active part of the green revolution, with the aim of moving increasingly towards a solidarity economic model, that finds its basic assumptions in respect for the environment and for people

The nr. 701 car has covered almost 2000 kilometers: from Brescia to Rome and back, managing the recharges in accordance with times and control points concluding the race on the historic ramp of Viale Venezia.

An unforgettable journey alongside the Most Beautiful Race in the World.

478 Rent is proud to have taken part in this event as a participant in the race and also as a Racing Sponsor, thanks to all the staff and the organization of 1000 Miglia for the great opportunity and the chance to experience the world of engines in its most exciting form.