The prize-giving ceremony of the photographic competition dedicated to Bruno Boni, the historic mayor of Brescia from 1948 to 1975, who strongly wanted the return of the Red Arrow after the war, took place last weekend. Organised with the collaboration of 1000 Miglia Srl, Club 1000 Miglia “Franco Mazzotti”, Automobile club Brescia, Museo 1000 Miglia Brescia and Bergamo Brescia Capital of Culture 2023, the 2023 edition registered 514 entries and 1182 photographs received, numbers clearly up on last year (when there were 300 entries and 670 photographs).

The theme of the competition focused on the impact of the Most Beautiful Race in the World among the people, and the winner of the first prize was Simone Slawitz. His black and white photograph best depicted the spontaneity of the relationship that is created between the drivers and the people who experience the race at the roadside.


1st Place Simone Slawitz of Sorbolo Mezzani Parma

2nd Place Roberto Bosis of Travagliato

3rd Place Stefano Melzani of Sarezzo

4th Place Roberto Triglia from Brescia

5th Place Massimo Cirimbelli from Brescia

Tied for 6th Place

Marco Arrighini from Brescia

Roberto Bartomeoli from Recanati

Maria Cristina Bedani of Parma

Tiziano Bellini of Lumezzane

Francesco Benaglio from Riva di Solto BG

Andrea Bonera of Concesio

Antonello Grolla of Tronzano Vercellese

Giacomo Mazzuchelli of Brandico

Stefania Pasolini of Travagliato

Christian Usai of Gardone Val Trompia

Special Prizes

Smartphone Award, Salvatore Cravotta of Lonato

Creative Award, Marco Gilberti of Brescia

Best B/W Award, Cesare Palazzo of Brescia

ANPS Brescia Award, Domenico Rignanese of Malalbergo BO

5 Piero Taruffi Vallelunga Award, Davide De Simoni of Rome