Presented the 1000 Miglia 2024: five legs from tuesday 11 to saturday 15 June

Every year the 1000 Miglia comes up with surprises and the passage through Genoa, with a view of the harbour and a parade along the seafront, will be the absolute novelty of the upcoming edition. The month of June and the five race days are confirmed. The more than 400 cars in the convoy will cross seven Italian regions and in an anti-clockwise direction as in 2021.

After starting in Brescia on Tuesday afternoon, 11 June, and passing through Bergamo, Novara and Vercelli, the first leg will end in Turin.

On the second day, the convoy will descend southwards, passing through the Langhe and through the centre of Alba before heading towards Genoa, where the first race lunch will be held. After the stop, the race will continue along the Tyrrhenian coast to Viareggio, the arrival point on the second day of the race.

The descent towards Rome will characterise the third leg, passing Lucca and Livorno, continuing until the lunch break in Castiglione della Pescaia. In the afternoon, the passage to Grosseto, the entry into Lazio and the descent along Lake Bolsena, before ending the day with the parade in Via Veneto. 

After the halfway mark in Rome, on the fourth day the crews will drive up to Orvieto and stop for lunch in Solomeo, a characteristic medieval village in the Umbrian hills. From here, they will set off again towards Siena and Prato. Before finishing the leg in Bologna, drivers and navigators will cross the Futa and Raticosa passes. From Bologna, the last leg will pass Ferrara and Mantua, and again Lake Garda with the Valtenesi and Salò before the classic parade in Viale Venezia in Brescia.

To enter for the 1000 Miglia, cars must be in possession of, or have applied for, a certificate from the Registro 1000 Miglia.

The Ferrari Tribute, the 1000 Miglia Green, the Self-drive Car and the Charity Car will precede the competition of the historic cars.

Entries from 7 November