Coppa Delle Alpi 2024: “The Great Alpine Journey” Gets Underway

This afternoon in Trieste, technical and administrative checks will take place in Piazza Unità d’Italia. The regularity race for cars built before the end of 1990 will start tomorrow from here morning. It will include 90 Time Trials over more than 1600 km.

The 5-leg Grand Tour will cross the entire Alpine arc from East to West, from Trieste to Courmayeur, crossing the borders of 7 countries: 1000 Miglia presents The Great Alpine Journey, a path of reflection parallel to the race aimed at representing the socio-economic, anthropological and environmental transformations crossing the Alpine macro-region. The competitors will be an active part of the project, so there will be a limit of 30 cars in the race, flanked by a further 8 cars that will host reference Experts on the macro-themes addressed.

At stops along the way, the experts will meet institutions and examples of local Best Practice, encouraging exchanges and sharing experiences. The sum of these contributions collected over the five days will be presented at a concluding Conference, scheduled for Saturday 4 May in Courmayeur.

From Trieste, the crews will travel to Kranjska Gora, Slovenia, to talk about sustainable tourism projects. In Cortina, at the Rifugio Faloria (alt 2100m), the topic will focus on accessible and sustainable Olympics. On Tuesday 30, lunch at the Messner Museum in Ripa with Reinhold Messner, who will share projects and experiences. Reaching Austria, a dialogue will be held in Seefeld on the Connections between mountain agriculture and the tourism. After a leg in Garmisch, Germany, the return to Italy in Livigno will focus on Olimpyc’s Legacy, sustainability, accessibility, inclusion; the end of the leg in Switzerland, in Saint Moritz, will deal with Sports infrastructures for tourism development. On the morning of 2 May, after a break in Vaduz, a greeting from the Prime Minister of Lichtenstein, and a stop at the Swiss Museum of Transport in Lucerne, the evening arrival in Gstaad will deal with the topics of Dairy Breeding and Production. On Friday 3, the stop in Chamonix will offer the extraordinary panorama from the Refuge du Montenvers, at an altitude of 1900 m on the Mont Blanc, before the final stop in Courmayeur, where the topic will be Mountain Food Production. The final conference in the Courmayeur Congress Centre is scheduled for Saturday starting at 10 am.