Goodbye Giannino, Goodbye Marco

We lose Count Giannino Marzotto only a few days apart from his co-pilot Marco Crosara, Mille Miglia winners in 1950 and 1953

“When you race, you have to know where, how and when to stop. When you stop, you have to know where, how and when to start racing again. Because life is in essence a race.” (Giannino Marzotto).
With great regret, 1000 Miglia Srl announces the death of Giannino Marzotto. He will always be remembered not only as an extraordinary pilot and man of great charisma but a patron of culture and humanity. Count Giannino Marzotto, President of the Mille Miglia Club, and winner of two Mille Miglia races of 1950 and1953, past away on the 14th of July 2012.
Both of his victories were won accompanied by Marco Crosara. The first of which was the famous “double-breasted victory” that Marzotto achieved, wearing his elegant double-breasted brown suit and driving a Ferrari 195 S Berlinetta. The second victory was gained driving a 340MM.
Son of Count Gaetano, Giannino was born in Valdagno on April 13, 1928. He had been undergoing treatment at the Padua hospital for the past seven months.

He served as President of the Mille Miglia Club from 1988 to 1990 and then from 2011 until the time of his death. He was also Honorary President of The “Luigi Bonfanti” Automobile Museum, which dedicated a permanent section to him in its Romano d’Ezzelino location. The Gallery is known as “Galleria del Motorismo, Mobilità ed Ingegno Veneto – Giannino Marzotto” and gives viewers a chance to explore the history of Marzotto’s life of motor racing and see his talent. It is a space entirely dedicated to his work.

Marzotto generously donated to the Mille Miglia Club Foundation (Fondazione Club Mille Miglia), encouraging its grants and its giving of an international prize known as “Courageous Intelligence – Intelligent Courage”
Cultured, extremely sharp, humble and frank, Marzotto possessed one of the kindest of hearts. He once said to Ferdinando Businaro who considered him like his own son: “I do not wish to have a funeral or fanfare when I die nor do I want speeches. Do not shed tears, but rather pour rivers of Durello. (which is a sparkling Venetian wine)”.
Therefore, there was no funeral celebration, just as Marzotto had asked:
Instead the music room of the beautiful family villa in Trissino was set up to give him a final farewell. Thousands of people from all walks of life as well as close friends came to say their last goodbyes.

About the current Mille Miglia race, Marzotto said:
«When we celebrate the past, we must ask ourselves why. Mille Miglia has been the symbol of a breakthrough at a human, social and technological level. We should celebrate because at times recalling the past serves in helping the future».

An emblematic episode touched those who admired Giannino Marzotto even more: Marco Crosara, peer and partner in the adventurous life of Giannino and his coéquipier in the two Mille Miglia victories, died on July 19th, just five days after his great friend. Perhaps in order to reassemble the winning crew …
1000 Miglia Srl shares in the grief of all the family members, members of the Club Mille Miglia and all the sportsmen and fans who admired them.