F.I.R. e Mille Miglia together

Two icons of passion promoting Italy

Federazione Italiana Rugby and Mille Miglia create a partnership promoting their respective image and our country’s excellences, with a no-cost co-marketing program.

– The sporting cooperation between Rugby and Motoring has the goal of linking the enthusiasts of two great sports. F.I.R. becomes a ” Mille Miglia Ambassador”.

– According to the agreement, during the “most beautiful race in the world” and the matches of the Italian Rugby Team both logos will be shown.

An agreement aimed at strengthening a link and enhancing leadership and teamwork in the sporting competition, to promote each other’s image: 1000 Miglia S.r.l. and the Italian Rugby League created a partnership based on the exchange of visibility, communicating common values through a co-marketing project producing advantages for both parties at no cost.

The partnership – with the slogan and logo “Federazione Italiana Rugby: ” Mille Miglia Ambassador “ – was announced in occasion of a Press Conference held in Rome’s Stadio Olimpico for the 6 Nations match between Italy and England, while some players of the Italian National Rugby team were being photographed with a vintage racing car.

This agreement is based on a number of cross initiatives and activities which will enhance the world visibility of two Italian excellences: the logos of Mille Miglia – the historic Red Arrow – and F.I.R. will appear together in a combined logo created for this, on both parties’ web and social channels. In addition, among the PR and Media Relations synergies, the Press Releases will be distributed in each other’s Press Conferences.

The Red Arrow will appear on the official matches programme as well as on the monthly magazine All Rugby.

During the Italian Team’s home matches, a 30″ Mille Miglia videoclip will be shown four times on the videowalls, while the official speaker will announce the partnership. The partnership logo will appear on the led billboards in the arena for 15 seconds.

On the other side, 1000 Miglia S.r.l. will grant the Italian Rugby League proper visibility within its Mille Miglia 2014 Communication Plan; as a “Mille Miglia Ambassador”, F.I.R. will be one the Mille Miglia Supporters. Practically speaking, F.I.R. will have visibility on the marketing and promotion materials.

Finally, the F.I.R., will have the chance to participate to the Mille Miglia on a racing car arranged for it by 1000 Miglia S.r.l.

This partnership between motoring and the oval ball is inspired by these very values, with the aim of linking the two passions; Andrea Dalledonne, co-CEO of 1000 Miglia S.r.l., said: «It’s the same passion of every rugby enthusiast who, like I do, supports his national team, and suffers in anticipation for every point, for each drop, for every scrum. It’s the passion of every young follower who plays rugby with constant training and sacrifice, with the power which is not only physical, but is mainly psychological and comes right from his heart. It is the same passion of the Mille Miglia participants, who come from every corner of the world, from Japan, from America or Australia, enthusiastic about taking part with great effort in a Race which is tiring and glorious, perhaps under that heavy rain that traditionally keeps the cars company, just for sharing a small piece of the Mille Miglia myth, to be a hero for four days, to enjoy Italy’s beauty, which our Company is proud to represent. I would like to thank Chairman Gavazzi, because together we have created a synergy which hopefully will leave a trace, demonstrating how the Italian excellences are able to unite their forces and resist the external attacks, winning their common challenges».

Alfredo Gavazzi, Chairman of F.I.R., declared: «Today we sanction a partnership which joins two Italian excellences, two symbols of passion. We are proud that the National Rugby Team becomes a “Mille Miglia Ambassador” both in Italy and abroad. Likewise, Federazione Italiana Rugby, thanks to Mille Miglia, will be celebrated during the Event as well as along the route of the Race».

The agreement will be valid until 2018, for the next editions of the Mille Miglia, of 6 Nations, the Italian National Team’s Test Matches and the 2015 Rugby World Cup in England, a country where the appeal of Mille Miglia is very high.

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