New board of directors

ACI Brescia appoints the new 1000 Miglia Srl Executive Board
Aldo Bonomi President, Franco Gussalli Beretta Vice President

The Automobile Club Board of Directors, chaired by Piergiorgio Vittorini, decided to re-establish the 1000 Miglia Srl Executive Board plenum, formed by five people, appointing Aldo Bonomi, Franco Gussalli Beretta, Alberto Piantoni, Simona Pezzolo De Rossi and Vittorio Pedrali.
The appointment of Aldo Bonomi and Franco Gussalli Beretta is a demonstration of continuity; Alberto Piantoni has been appointed because of his managing experiences; Simona Pezzolo De Rossi because of her skills in management control; Vittorio Pedrali because of his skills in events organisation and his relationships with Universities and cultural Institutions in Brescia and surrounding areas.
The five members will hold office until 31 December 2016.
During the meeting, Aldo Bonomi was elected president, while Franco Gussalli Beretta was appointed Vice President.
All the members expressed their gratitude for the two outgoing directors, Emilio Bordoli and CEO Andrea Dalledonne, thanking them for their work and the brilliant results obtained.

Brescia, 28th November 2016