The 1000 Miglia Green 2019 was officially presented this morning at Palazzo Loggia

The 1000 Miglia Green 2019, the first regularity race in pure 1000 Miglia style reserved for alternative fuel-cars, has been presented today at the Salone Vanvitelliano of Palazzo Loggia, seat of the Municipality of Brescia.

The first edition of the 1000 Miglia Green will start on Friday 27th September from the heart of Brescia and arrive on Sunday 29th at the Lainate racetrack passing through the centre of Milan, on Saturday 28th.

The cars in the race
The 1000 Miglia Green convoy will bring together the history and the future of electric and sustainable mobility. The Detroit Electric Model 95 of 1924 will be the oldest car: sold to those who wanted a reliable car with immediate switching on without a crank, it already had a battery range from 96 to 145 km. Almost 100 years later it will be joined by the ultra-modern Tes-la, Porsche Panamera E 4 Hybrid, Mercedes EQC, Smart, Mini, Hunday, Nissan, Polestar and not only. The 1989 Zagato Milanina and two models of the Beetle Volkswagen (1303 Kaefer) of 1972 and 1976 will also be participating in the race. There will also be a hydrogen-powered model, in the race, the “Mirai” (meaning “future” in Japanese) by Toyota, an example of innovation and research on the roads.

Exceptional models on display
The departure from Brescia, the Milan leg in Piazza Gae Aulenti and the arrival in Lainate will put exceptional specimens on display. On Friday 27th September in Brescia, in the Village set up in Piazza Paolo VI, the concept of the Alfa Romeo Tonale, the com-pact SUV of the Arese company, will be exhibited. It will also be possible to closely observe the Blizz Primatist, an electric prototype of over 300 km/h, the result of the Italian genius of the Outline of Trofarello (TO) whose objective, in the coming months, is to establish new world speed and dis-tance records. An electric Detroit of 1924 and a Zagato Milanina will compete, alongside the ultra-modern and technological cars, on the city circuit that will wind through the centre of Brescia. On Friday 27th and Saturday 28th at the Village of Milan in Gae Aulenti, the Volkswagen ID3 and the Polestar 1 will be exhibited for the first time in Italy; the latter will also be in the race with two specimens of the High Performance division of the Swedish Volvo.