The second stage starts: the cars head towards Rome

The challenge between the crews started this morning during the second day of the race. The first cars left at 6:10 am from Cervia-Milano Marittima immersed in fog. However, it only took a few kilometers to reach San Marino with the first rays of the sun and then Urbino with a clear sky.

The 356 cars, after a stop in Fabriano for the race lunch, will continue towards Macerata and at 5pm will arrive in Ascoli Piceno, then touch Amatrice and arrive first in Rieti and finally in Rome.
The second stage saw the debut of Tomaso Trussardi, for the first time in the race as a participant of the 1000 Miglia with the expert driver GianMaria Aghem on board of the guest car n. 105.

At the moment, the favourites are Andrea and Roberto Vesco travelling on their 1929 Alfa Romeo 6C 1750 SS Zagato. They were in fact at the top of the classification of the first stage with 13779 points. “We are in the lead and we hope to keep the position” declared the two drivers.