1000 Miglia 2021, Crossing the Future

Brescia, 12 maggio 2021 – The thirty-ninth edition of the 1000 Miglia was presented digitally on the significant day on which the most beautiful race in the world was originally scheduled to start, which will start on Wednesday 16 June from the traditional Viale Venezia ramp in Brescia to return on Saturday 19. 375 cars allowed to take part in the race, as well as some particularly prestigious examples on the Special List, will cross about two hundred municipalities, taking up the counter-clockwise direction of some editions of the original speed race held between 1927 and 1957: from the west coast to the east, a novelty that will appeal to the most passionate.

Streaming from the 1000 Miglia Museum conducted by Fabio Tavelli, there were the CEO of 1000 Miglia srl ​​Alberto Piantoni, the Chairman of Automobile Club Brescia Aldo Bonomi, the Chairman of 1000 Miglia srl ​​Franco Gussalli Beretta and the Mayor of Brescia Emilio del Bono who they expressed the desire that the 1000 Miglia 2021 represents once again a support for Italy and a push to restart.

The “Crossing the future” theme on the logo seals the double soul of 1000 Miglia: on one hand the tradition of the historic 1000 Miglia and on the other the innovation of the reminiscent one that combines vintage cars with electric ones of the 1000 Miglia Green and the modern Supercars and Hypercars of the 1000 Miglia Experience.

A container, that of Crossing the Future, which on June 15 will host the third appointment with the Green Talk, the round table organized by 1000 Miglia and the Symbola Foundation dedicated to the theme of sustainable mobility, the challenges and trends of the future of the automotive sector.

Alongside the vintage cars participating in the race, in addition to the electric ones of the 1000 Miglia Green and the modern Supercars and Hypercars of the 1000 Miglia Experience, there will be those of the Ferrari Tribute 1000 Miglia, a side event that celebrates over one hundred cars that the prestigious international brand, symbol of Italian excellence in the world, dedicates to the 1000 Miglia.

Brescia is the center of gravity, it is the 1000 Miglia and above all some places are: an important novelty of the 2021 edition will be the change of location for the Paddock, which from 14 to 19 June will no longer be located at the Brixia Forum set up as the main vaccination hub of the city. More information and updates will follow shortly.