Conad is the Local Partner for the Bologna stage of the 1000 Miglia 2021

Conad – acronym of Consorzio Nazionale Dettaglianti – is the largest organization of independent entrepreneurs in the Italian Food Retail market, organized through 5 main cooperatives, that altogether they associate 2,348 entrepreneurs/retailers, with 3,305 stores.

Since 2019, leader of the Italian Food Retail market, Conad has been able to win over Italian families by offering quality, convenience and an original business model  for shopping, with a clear focus on people: Members, Customers and Communities.

Since its birth in 1962, Conad had the passion for the Italian territory that derives from the value of the traditions of the eno-gastronomic culture that characterize all the communities, from the smallest to the largest, trying to feed their value and their future through Commerce.

This distinctive feature, which allowed Conad to reach the leadership of the Italian Food Retail market during 2019, is an element that is found in the spirit of 1000 Miglia, which also aims to enhance the Community and the Territory.

The passion for vintage cars is not in fact only of those who participate as crew in the race, but it is also of those who, in the entire territory, feel the emotion of the passage of cars that have represented different eras of our history, the passion of the People.

Good 1000 Miglia to all Italian people, good re-start of the passion of the People!