L’Italia della 1000 Miglia, 6 legs to narrate the story of Italian excellence

1000 Miglia is strongly linked to the Italian territory. A combination that over the years has allowed the most beautiful race in the world to become a unique and unrepeatable event. The beauty of the cities, the inimitable views of the villages, the natural landscapes and the passion of the people who await the passage of the cars on the side of the roads, are the best storytelling for the Race. For this reason, 1000 Miglia, with a spirit of gratitude and a desire to promote Italian excellence, has decided to tell the story of the territory through the “1000 Miglia’s Italy” project. A journey that, through the narration of personalities who live and work in these places, has allowed 1000 Miglia to visit historical places and natural beauties from a different point of view other than that of classic tourism.

After the six legs of Brescia, Macerata, Cervia, Gaiole in Chianti, Parma and Carrara, 1000 Miglia has turned it’s sights to many other destinations.

With the cars of the Red Arrow it has been possible to visit Verona where the Arena represents the cultural and economic engine of the city. But also Bologna, the heart of the Motor Valley where six international brands coexist in a small patch of territory.

All this will be shared on the new 1000 Miglia website and on the Race’s social profiles, namely Instagram and Facebook, with the publication of videos and photographs that summarize the beauty of these places. From next week, the legs of the “1000 Miglia’s Italy” project will be shared, created in collaboration with the digital platform What Italy Is, coordinated by the creative director and photographer Brahmino.