Marreyt Classic Cars: the ambition to fulfill the classic car dream

For the first time as an official “Main Sponsor” of the 1000 Miglia recently staged, Marreyt Classic Cars is a driving force in the vintage car scene. Originating in Belgium more than thirty years ago from a distinct passion for old-timer cars of its founders, the company keeps looking for that one refined classic car gem that gets then restored with the utmost skill and the deepest respect for the soul of the car.

The ambition of Marreyt Classic Cars is to fulfill the customer’s dream by searching for the most suitable vintage car in terms of mechanics, aesthetics and performance as it believes that the car is a reflection of its owner’s personality. At the same time the company also strives to preserve the heritage of the cars it deals with, by searching their history and unravelling their mechanical complexity through meticulous restorations.

In addition to the restoration and maintenance of cars, which take place in the Aalst workshop near Brussels, the company also takes care of preparing cars for events or rallies, providing technical assistance during their course, advising on the purchase and sale of cars and the organization of specific logistical services.

For several years Marreyt Classic Cars has been assisting their customers with the preparation for and participation in the 1000 Miglia which is a tough race to drive and requires the right car, accurate rally preparation and the very best prompt assistance during the race. Marreyt Classic Cars provides its clients with a technical assistance 24h so that they can enjoy the rally to the utmost and get to the finish line, after a thousand of miles, with a carefree feeling which is an important matter of pride for Marreyt Clasic Cars.