Matchplat was Market Analysis Partner during 1000 Miglia 2022

“At Matchplat we are proud to have been partners of 1000 Miglia for its 2022 edition. Participating in the competition represented much more than a journey for us,” says Andrea Gilberti, CEO and President of the company. “It was an opportunity to experience the most authentic beauty of our country, in a space where history and nature come together and the best of world engineering becomes the star.

The ability to innovate is one of the strengths of 1000 Miglia: an event that knows how to change edition after edition, without forgetting its past.

“This partnership proves 1000 Miglia‘s success in creating a richer and more international experience every year,” explains Gilberti. “And we at Matchplat are also moved by the same spirit: we operate all over the world, combining Artificial Intelligence with a database of 400 million companies to help businesses in every industry find new customers, distributors, suppliers and partners thanks to automated market analysis.”

A mission that brings technology closer to all SMEs ready to revolutionise their strategies. And uniting Matchplat and the 1000 Miglia is the ability to bring innovation to two different worlds: on the one hand the business world, and on the other the realm of regularity racing for historic cars, of which this year’s Red Arrow was once again the most illustrious representative.