Press accreditation requests are now open for Coppa delle Alpi 2022

It is now possible to apply for press accreditation for the second edition of the Coppa delle Alpi by 1000 Miglia.

As indicated in the 2022 Regulations, requests for press accreditation must be submitted exclusively online, filling in the relevant form up until 28th February 2022, after registering in the Press Area. Requests received by other means will not be taken into consideration.

In order to collect the accreditation it will be necessary to provide an active telephone number and to sign a “self-declaration for Covid-19 risk” which will be made available in the Press Area at the Mille Miglia Museum. Furthermore, during the event, it will be necessary to be in possession of a valid green pass, in compliance with the regulations in force.

For further information, please e-mail