MrJWW is the 1000 Miglia Global Brand Ambassador

James Walker, known in the car world as MrJWW, will be the 1000 Miglia Global Brand Ambassador for the year 2023, associating the values of the most beautiful race in the world with a contemporary and fresh look.

The collaboration began in the first week of March with the Coppa delle Alpi when James, in a Lamborghini Urus S, narrated the experience first-hand with expertise, verve and enthusiasm.

After making his debut in the winter race, MrJWW will also take part in the 1000 Miglia in June and in the US Warm Up at the end of October, narrating the events by 1000 Miglia from the unprecedented and privileged point of view of a profound motoring connoisseur making his first appearance in the world of classic regularity racing and involving the community of enthusiasts who follow him from all over the world through his IG page and YouTube channel.

These are the first words of James as 1000 Miglia Global Brand Ambassador: “I am truly honoured to have been asked by 1000 Miglia to represent this brand and its wonderful events as Global Brand Ambassador 2023. 1000 Miglia organises some of the most beautiful car events in the world, uniting ultra-enthusiast drivers and adventure in one “melting pot” of motoring beauty! We have prepared something new and exciting, so stay tuned!

See the exclusive videos of MrJWW at Coppa delle Alpi 2023:

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