The sculptures by Sabine Marcelis, donated to Brescia by 1000 Miglia, on display at the University

After being presented to the City during the inauguration of the 1000 Miglia Village, the eight sculptures by the Dutch designer, that 1000 Miglia gave as a gift to the city of Brescia in the year of the Capital of Culture, will remain on display in the Cloister of the University of Brescia in via San Faustino until 10 January 2024.

The works were created by deconstructing some of the fundamental elements of a car to highlight the design and engineering that have developed over the last hundred years. They were conceived as abstract sculptural interpretations that celebrate the function of the component and the technological developments that have taken place over the years. The sculptures illuminate in sunlight and are equipped with a built-in light source that is activated in the evening. The works bear witness to the artist’s hallmark of a dynamic visual interplay between transparency, refraction and iridescence, seeking the perfect balance between minimalism, functionality, longevity and emotional evocation.

Beatrice Saottini, President 1000 Miglia srl: “I cannot imagine a better place than the University for these works to be enjoyed and admired by everyone, especially young people.”

Alberto Piantoni, CEO 1000 Miglia srl: “1000 Miglia among others is also synonymous with design, innovation and excellence, all components perfectly embodied by the personality of Sabine Marcelis. We are delighted to have brought to the University of Brescia the works of such an important artist. In addition to celebrating human ingenuity in the automotive field with their dynamic visual effects, they represent the modern frontier of the design world.”