Third Leg: Passage through Germany, Resia Pass and lunch in Livigno

At 7:00 this morning, the crews departed from Seefeld heading north and faced the first Timed Trials in Leutasch, the last Austrian location before entering German territory, surrounded by meticulously groomed meadows and evergreen trees. In Germany, the fourth country touched by the Alpine Grand Tour, a Passage Control was held in the characteristic town of Garmisch-Partenkirchen, a place with an urban atmosphere that has managed to maintain the charm of an ancient village. Here, the Alpine Ski World Championships were held in 2011, and in 2020, a strategy for the sustainable development of winter tourism was presented. In the early part of the morning, the race was accompanied by shy sunshine and mild temperatures. However, approaching the Resia Pass, the sky began to cloud over, accompanied by a cold wind.

Above the Inn Valley, the crews bid farewell to Austria with an Average Trial. Returning to Italy, after a Time Control at the Resia Pass, a block of trials dedicated to the shores of the Resia Lake took place. The cars passed along its shores, temporarily drained for construction work, and climbed towards Val Mustair.

After another Average Trial in Val Mustair, the crews arrived in Livigno, which hosted the third race lunch in the presence of Deputy Mayor Thommy Cantoni and Iacopo Mazzetti, who deals with Sports, Legacy, Social Inclusion, and Sustainability at the Milano Cortina 2026 Foundation. The topic discussed was Olimpyc’s Legacy, sustainability, accessibility, and inclusion.

Cantoni: “An initiative like the Alpine Grand Tour is important for us. I found myself sitting with people from other locations that you have crossed and comparing notes with them, especially on how they are addressing the issue of depopulation, is fundamental because the problems we have in the Alps are similar in various territories.”

On the practiceof Snow Farm: “Right now, we accumulate snow and cover it with specific sheets. From mid-October, you can already do cross-country skiing in Livigno. We have managed to advance the opening of the season by two months, making our tourist offer more sustainable.”