The Yearbook of the1000 Miglia 2023 is on sale

The 1000 Miglia Yearbook 2023 is the only volume that reports about the 41th reenactment edition of the historical 1000 Miglia, that was held from the 13th to the 17th June 2023.

A section dedicated to the history of the 1000 Miglia, a full coverage of the 2023 reenactment race with in-depth reports, plus the photographs of all the cars that have participated in the race and side initiatives: these are the main topics of this new release.

The quality of the contents, pictures and the new refined look of the volume make this book a truly priceless and collectible item, which cannot be missed by those who had the privilege of taking part in the 1000 Miglia 2023, as well as by all the enthusiasts for the Red Arrow race.

The book is available on the official website of the merchandising of 1000 Miglia