After the break in Liechtenstein, lunch at the Swiss Museum of Transport in Lucerne

At the 7 a.m. Time Control this morning, the crews left the centre of Saint Moritz, ready for a 390-kilometre drive. Fortunately, the weather was kind on the longest leg of the Coppa Delle Alpi 2024 and, despite forecasts predicting possible snowfall, the sky held out.

The first Average Trial of the day was held near Lake Marmorera. Around 10 a.m., the convoy entered Vaduz, whose green meadows and neo-baroque and neo-Gothic architecture made a rather grey day a little more colourful. After a block of Time Trials dedicated to the capital of Liechtenstein, the cars arrived in front of the Government Building, where they parked during the break. Welcoming the competitors was the Prime Minister of Lichtenstein, Daniel Risch himself, who welcomed them to the Principality: “Although we are a small country, we have a great entrepreneurial spirit and that is where our strength lies. We feel very European and it is a great pleasure for us to have you here, thank you for coming”.

On the departure, after the Average Trial in Stain, the convoy drove along the lakes of Zurich and Zug to finally arrive in Lucerne and stop for lunch at the Swiss Museum of Transport. The cars parked in the inner square amidst reconstructions of ships and planes, attracting the attention of the little ones in particular: after all, it is the schoolchildren who have made the Lucerne museum the most visited in Switzerland.

Daniel Geissmann, Exhibition and Collection Director, Swiss Museum of Transport: “The museum focuses on the evolution of technology, transport and communication. It is important for us to always look to the future, we change our exhibitions frequently and fortunately we have a lot of visitors among tourists and in the rest of Switzerland. I would like to say that Switzerland is not just about watches, mountains and chocolate: for us, hosting a 1000 Miglia event is a great opportunity to bring prestige to our museum and to make it known to fans of classics cars as well, a category in which I include myself”.