With the press conference for the presentation of the event in the Salone Vanvitelliano of Palazzo Loggia, the week of the 1000 Miglia 2023 has finally opened.

The 420 cars (405+15 in Special List) will face five legs and over 2000 kilometres, going through Piedmont as in 1947-48 and stopping in Milan for the last night of the race.

The opening of the Village in Piazza Vittoria will have a prologue from 4.30 p.m. on Sunday 11, when two special projects will be presented: the technology of the Self-Driving Car, which for the first time will travel on open roads, and the contemporary art of the eight car-themed sculptures that will be donated to the city. 

Both the Ferrari Tribute and the 1000 Miglia Green, a regularity race for full-electric models, are confirmed. Also back for the third year is the 1000 Miglia Charity for research in support of IEO – WOMEN’S CANCER CENTER: six Pink Drivers will take turns in the Pink Car during the five race days.

Saturday 17 June, grand finale in the city with 1000 Miglia The Night: on the stage in Piazza Loggia, the free concert by Leo Gassmann. Last but certainly not least, 1000 Miglia confirms its sense of responsibility towards the challenges of current events and its link with the areas that every year welcome the passage of the race, supporting the Giornale di Brescia’s fundraising for the towns affected by the floods.