I Luoghi della 1000 Miglia


After 75 years, 1000 Miglia returned to the city of truffles and Barbera

On 18 May 1895, with the Turin-Asti-Turin race, Italian automobile history began. Over the years, racing continued on the roads of Monferrato. Time trials, regularity races and city circuits thrilled the people of Asti. On 22 June 1947, the Mille Miglia passed through. The leg passed through Asti coming from Piacenza and headed for Turin. It was remembered for the bad weather. In fact, there were 155 at the start and only 55 saw the chequered flag at the finish line in Brescia. Clemente Biondetti won in an Alfa Romeo 8C 2900B coupé Touring ahead of Tazio Nuvolari in a Cisitalia 202 SMM spider. He would also return in ’48 and Biondetti would win again, but at the wheel of the Ferrari 166 S coupé Allemano. 75 years later, the cars returned to the capital of the Monferrato region in an exclusive défilé through the streets of the historic centre of Asti, rediscovering the city known throughout the world for its top quality wine and gastronomy. From the fragrant white truffle to agnolotti pasta accompanied by Barbera; from the rich boiled meats enhanced by ‘bagnetti’ and ‘bagna caôda’; from ‘bönet’ to fragrant amaretti biscuits drowned in an aromatic goblet of Asti Spumante and all those typical recipes of a city where good eating and good drinking are one with its rich centuries-old history.