I Luoghi della 1000 Miglia


The 1000 Miglia in the City of the Antonellian Dome

Novara is a city rich in tradition, history, and masterpieces of art, created little by little, in a succession of stratifications and influences, that have made it a lively cultural centre, an ideal stop for a visit throughout the year. The true soul of the city emerges in its historic centre, which revolves around the Basilica of San Gaudenzio and that daring structure that dominates everything and which everyone looks up to: the Dome, designed and built during the 19th century by Alessandro Antonelli, architect of the Mole of Torino; its 121 metres draw the skyline of the Province’s capital, giving it that dear and familiar shape in which the people of Novara recognise themselves. The 16th-century basilica dedicated to the patron saint Gaudentius, a precious casket of Baroque art, is worth a visit; the majestic Cathedral of Santa Maria, with its characteristic colonnade, and the early Christian Baptistery, the city’s oldest monument; the Broletto Monumental Complex, once a place of public and civic life, now houses the Giannoni Modern Art Collection; the Visconteo Sforzesco Castle, which hosts high-level events and exhibitions; and the Coccia and Faraggiana Theatres, the musical and artistic hearts of the city. First place on the Novara menu goes to paniscia, a “risotto” with lard, vegetables and salame della duja, followed by gorgonzola, of which Novara is the capital. And to close on a sweet note, the world-famous Biscottini di Novara.