I Luoghi della 1000 Miglia


The 1000 Miglia returned in the town of the Genius of the Renaissance

Nestled in the heart of Tuscany amidst vineyards and olive groves, Vinci is world-famous as the birthplace of the Genius of the RenaissanceLeonardo was born in Vinci on 15 April 1452. Here he spent the years of his childhood and youth and laid the foundations of his future work as an artist, scientist and engineer. In the heart of Vinci, the Museo Leonardiano represents the oldest collection of models entirely dedicated to Leonardo the technologist, scientist, engineer and, more generally, to the history of Renaissance technique. The Museum is housed inside the Palazzina Uzielli (first exhibition section) and the Castello dei Conti Guidi (second exhibition section), both located in the historic centre and 50 metres apart. The visit ends on the Castle’s panoramic terrace, from which there is a splendid view. Several monuments recall some of his famous works such as Leonardo’s Horse, by the sculptor Nina Akamu, the colossal statue dedicated to Francesco Sforza and never completed, Mario Ceroli‘s wooden sculpture L’uomo di Vinci inspired by Vitruvius’ famous reproduction of the man, or the sculptures in Piazza de’ Guidi by Mimmo Paladino, with their striking geometric shapes and the peculiar starry polyhedron. Within the perimeter of the ancient castle walls, the Church of Santa Croce preserves the ancient baptismal font where it is believed Leonardo was baptised.