I Luoghi della 1000 Miglia


The 1000 Miglia in a city of dreams

Verona, a gentle city of dreams, where emotion merges with endless beauty. Every step along its streets fills one with a deep sense of wonder and enchantment. The ancient walls tell faraway stories, while the piazzas vibrate with life and contagious energy. Falling in love with Verona is inevitable, falling in love in Verona is the desire of many. The Arena, with its ancient stones and the lure of operas, awakens the soul and ignites passion. Juliet’s House, with its balcony that has seen promises of love, fills the heart with hope and romance. But it is in the details that Verona reveals itself to be a jewel. The bridges reflecting on the serene waters of the Adige River, the alleys steeped in history and mystery, the squares adorned with flowers and bright colours. Every corner hides a secret to be discovered, a moment of pure enchantment to be experienced. And when evening wraps the city in its embrace, the restaurants and osterias come alive with laughter and conviviality. The scent of Veronese cuisine fills the air and the local wine slips gently through the lips, giving a unique flavour to every mouthful.