I Luoghi della 1000 Miglia

Rodengo Saiano

Grace and simplicity among the hills and the plains in Brescia

Halfway between Brescia and Lake Iseo, Rodengo Saiano overlooks the plains, nestling on the hills (Monte Pianello, Monte Delma, Colle della Rocca) where the Torrente Gandovere and the Seriola Molinaria flow.

Its rural origin has been somewhat altered in recent decades by demographic pressure from the city. Nevertheless, the testimony of the settlements that gave rise to the town remains alive, noticeable in the ancient walls and manor houses that characterise each district.

The historical and architectural elements that most characterise the area are the Franciscan Calvary on Mount Delma, today the seat of the Symposium Academy, the deconsecrated church of San Salvatore, which today hosts cultural events of all kinds, and above all the Olivetana Abbey, a religious complex founded in 1090 inside which it is possible to admire Romanino’s frescoes. The many centuries of the Abbey’s history have given us a building whose richness contributes to an ensemble that as a whole expresses grace and simplicity.

To compensate for the cumbersome presence of the arterial roads and productive and commercial activities, in addition to the paths that cross the woods of the hills, a number of urban oases (the Frantoio park, the Ciclodromo, the Ortoparco, the Ortobosco) allow you to enjoy the greenery and quietness on your doorstep.