I Luoghi della 1000 Miglia


A passion for motor racing that comes from afar

Alessandria is a place of passion for motor racing. One of these is the current Gran Prix-Circuito Bordino named after the great driver: a historic track that has seen the greatest driving aces of the era, from Achille Varzi to Tazio Nuvolari to Enzo Ferrari. The City has extraordinary places to fall in love with: those that made Napoleon and the Battle of Marengo a legend, for example. Places that know how to be welcoming with the grandeur of the Cittadella, the futuristic Meier Bridge, the great architecture of the Gardella family and the quality of its cultural and literary offerings: Umberto Eco was an illustrious citizen of Alessandria. Within the town, you can enjoy the charm of its many museums and pause in front of the beauty of its historical Botteghe (workshops), savouring the goodness of its food and wine and its pastry shops; lose yourself among fascinating collections and stately streets and – outside the town centre – experience the landscapes of its vast area and Monferrato, a UNESCO Heritage Site.