I Luoghi della 1000 Miglia


The 1000 Miglia in the European rice capital

Vercelli is a city of discreet charm, known for its rice, so much so that it is called “the European rice capital”, but it is also a city of art and culture, one of the most interesting cities in Piedmont, rich in treasures and artistic masterpieces. First and foremost, the Abbey of Sant’Andrea, a masterpiece of Gothic-Romanesque architecture that has been the symbol of the city for more than eight hundred years. Then there is the Church of St Christopher with its precious Gaudenzi frescoes and the imposing Cathedral. Vercelli’s priceless museum heritage also includes the Francesco Borgogna House Museum, the historic Leone Museum and the small and unique Archaeological Museum. Inside the former Church of San Marco, in the central nave, is “Arca”, an innovative museum container, a very modern structure in glass and steel, capable of hosting international exhibitions. The Synagogue, inaugurated in 1878 and located in the centre of the former Jewish ghetto, is also of great value. The building is among the most striking in Italy and is one of the most significant examples of Moorish style from the second half of the 19th century. The historical centre is a real jewel, studded with noble palazzos and medieval towers, such as the Torre dell’Angelo that can be admired from the true heart of the city, Piazza Cavour, which becomes the ideal place to experience the most typical products of the area’s gastronomy, including Panissa, traditional risotto, Bicciolano biscuit and truffle cake.