I Luoghi della 1000 Miglia


The 1000 Miglia for the first time in the birthplace of Francesco Baracca, Italian aviation ace

Lugo, also known as Lugo di Romagna, is a very old town. There is even evidence of the existence of a Neolithic village close to the present town. After the first settlements of the Celts, Lugo entered the orbit of the Romans at the height of the 5th century AD. Today, it retains a historical centre of considerable interest that bears witness to the development of civil and religious architecture over the centuries. The town’s symbolic monument is the Rocca Estense, home of the Town Hall. In the central square, it is possible to admire the sculpture by Domenico Rambelli dedicated to the ace of aces of Italian aviation, Francesco Baracca, who was born in Lugo. A few metres away in the street of the same name, inside the house where he was born, stands the Museum that the Municipality has dedicated to him and where it is possible to admire, among other things, the Spad VII aircraft. On one side of the fuselage is the emblem used by Major Baracca: the prancing horse.